Awards and accolades

We’re proud to have been recognised for our work in orthodontics by being awarded the following accolades.

Private Dentistry Awards Finalist

We are finalists in the category of Best UK Digital Practice 2021

Our digital strategy included:

  • Continuing to treat patients unhindered throughout the pandemic.
  • Integrating remote monitoring software, for the convenience of our patients.
  • Creating a new remote clinician role (where our dental nurses can work remotely)
  • Developing paperless offices (for our going green plan)
  • Maximising the use of digital applications such as Indirect Bonding and Aligners

Private Dentistry Awards 2013

Private Dentistry Awards 2013

Pallant Orthodontics was shortlisted for two awards granted by Private Dentistry:

  • Best new practice
  • Most attractive practice

Aesthetic Dentistry Awards 2013

Aesthetic Dentistry Awards 2013

Winner: Best smile

Thank you to our patient Christine Healy for her testimonial telling the story of her treatment which we entered into the Aesthetic Dentistry Awards 2013.

Christine won the ‘Best Smile’ category and in doing so gave Alastair and his colleague, Adam Slade, the ultimate accolade.

“They have lifted the suffocating burden of being ashamed to smile. These days, you can’t wipe the smile off my face.” -- Christine Healy