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Our green initiative

At Pallant, we’re doing our best to look after our planet. Here are just some of the actions we’re taking as part of our green initiative.

  • Humble toothbrushes
    As oral healthcare providers, we know that plastic toothbrushes are used widely. However, that level of plastic waste going into landfill is something we’re working to reduce.
    We’ve decided to no longer offer or recommend the use of plastic toothbrushes. Instead, we’ve moved to the sustainable brand Humble. Humble toothbrushes are made with a 100% sustainable bamboo handle, making it the eco-friendly choice.
  • Bio-degradable cups
    In our practice, plastic cups were previously used for their convenience and hygiene during dental and orthodontic appointments. However, in our effort to reduce our plastic waste, we’ve decided to no longer use plastic cups. Instead, we’ve replaced them with bio-degradable cups that will degrade within 8 weeks.
  • Canvas bags
    As another means of reducing our plastic waste, we’ve discontinued our use of plastic bags. Instead, we provide eco-friendly, reusable canvas bags for our patients.

Our green initiative

Supporting Stonepillow charity

Stonepillow charity does the important work of providing vital support for homeless and vulnerable people in West Sussex. We’re proud to work with this organisation by adding value to our local community.