1.  Invisalign is only for simple cases.

Whilst this statement was true 10 years ago, it is certainly not true today. There have been considerable advances in various aspects of the aligner technology including the aligner plastic, attachments design and computer modelling of the tooth movement. More importantly, as a profession we have come to understand better how to use plastic aligners to straighten teeth and improve bites. At Pallant Orthodontics we have considerable experience in treating many complex cases with Invisalign.

2. Invisalign is slower than traditional braces

This is certainly not the case in many situations. We have actually found that treatment with Invisalign can even be slightly quicker in certain instances.

3. Invisalign is only for adults.

In fact we have found Invisalign to be a great type of brace to treat children and teenagers. Our experience is that teenagers find it more acceptable than traditional train-tracks, more comfortable with fewer breakages. Being removable it also means that tooth brushing is much easier. Treatment tends to fit in with school better in terms of planning appointments; particularly when combined with Dental Monitoring. At Pallant Orthodontics we treat the majority of our teenagers with Invisalign.

4. Invisalign is more expensive than traditional braces

At Pallant Orthodontics this is not the case. Our fees for Invisalign and fixed braces are the same. The cost of treatment is mainly influenced by the complexity of treatment.

5. Invisalign can be provided by any dentist.

Whilst this is true, Invisalign is like any other form of brace in that treatment requires proper diagnosis, planning and delivery. To deliver treatment with Invisalign to a high standard is not always straightforward. At Pallant Orthodontics treatment is undertaken by dentists who have gone through 3 years of additional specialist training in orthodontics. On top of this we have a wealth of knowledge and experience using Invisalign and are one of the leading providers in the UK.