Graffiti or Art?

On my commute to the practice I walk down North Pallant and pass two unmissable murals. One is a stylized giant cat and the other a ‘Banksyesque’ painting of two children, conspiratorially dealing in something! Despite having seen these paintings on countless occasions they always grab my attention and in doing so provoke thought.

In 2013 Chichester hosted a street art festival and the city is now festooned with numerous murals of many diverse styles. Art often tends to polarize opinions, some like it, some don’t. Undoubtedly for some these murals are considered as an eyesore and little more than graffiti. For others they are works of art helping bring the city to life and enriching our cultural life. Whatever your opinion, like them or not, they provoke a reaction, stimulate a debate and often convey an important social message.

I, for one, will continue to enjoy passing the murals on my walk to work!

Written by Alastair