I was fascinated by a recent debate with friends about what makes people happy. What was universally agreed was the statement that happiness equals reality minus expectations. This could be broadly applied across age groups and cultures.

In our modern, hyper-connected society our expectations are often extremely high – usually a positive but not always! The great thing about this statement is the fact that we can actively change not only our expectations but also our reality.

Wouldn’t it be great to help make other people happy? All of us are involved in changing someone else’s reality and hopefully making them happy. This can range from seemingly small things, such as making someone a cup of tea, to something transformative, such as teaching someone a new skill.

I can consider myself very lucky with my job because in orthodontics we positively impact on our patient’s reality giving greater confidence and hopefully a little happiness!

PS It was great to see Chichester being ranked in the top 10 happiest places in the UK. I would certainly agree with this! (Source: BBC 2017)

Written by Alastair