I was listening to the radio this morning and the discussion was about if you could go back in time where would you go? The context was music and the presenter talked about the 1980’s music scene in Sheffield, looking back an innovative and exciting time. The presenters fondly reminisced about this high point for the musical genre.

Thinking broadly about change and how often the past is viewed through the proverbial “rose-tinted glasses”, it is interesting how we often overlook all the difficulties also experienced at that time. In fact the way we used to do things was not always better!

In our context looking back at how orthodontic treatment took place in the 1980’s I am pretty sure most people wouldn’t view it through rose-tinted glasses. Thankfully the specialty orthodontics is constantly moving forward. As a practice, Pallant Orthodontics is constantly challenging the status quo, seeking to improve orthodontics outcomes and the experience for patients. What changes await us in the future then? No brackets or wires to move teeth?  Specialist remote monitoring of treatment from your own home, using your mobile device? 3D digital scanning replacing the need for dental impressions?

Well please come and take a look, the future is already here! Please ask us about Dental Monitoring, digital scanning and aligners, it will change your view of orthodontics forever!