Your first visit

Your first visit

Your treatment journey with us here at Pallant Orthodontics will start with a consultation. 

Your initial consultation

Your initial consultation is a 30 minute appointment, during which we listen to your concerns about your smile and discuss the treatment options we believe you could benefit from. This consultation costs £95. 

Full case assessment

Your initial consultation is usually followed up by a full assessment and report, which details your treatment options and costs. This is sent to both you and your dentist. This full case assessment usually requires two visits. 

At the first visit, we will conduct a comprehensive clinical assessment where we take x-rays, photos and models of your teeth. This information is required for us to be able to put together a detailed treatment plan. 

At your second visit, we discuss this treatment plan with you and answer any questions you may have. The full case assessment costs £185. 

Invisalign consultation

If you have been referred to us for Invisalign treatment here in West Sussex, we will sit with you to understand your orthodontic concerns before taking you through all of the key benefits and factors about Invisalign. This will include a typical treatment programme, advice on costs and information about your payment plan options. If for any reason Invisalign isn’t suitable we will discuss other potential orthodontic appliances that are.

This initial Invisalign consultation is free. 

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