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Professional care and service

Like so many of our patients, Aida came to us because she was concerned about her smile. She had been referred to us by her dentist and wanted to know what her orthodontic treatment options were and whether or not we could help. We assured her that she could certainly benefit from treatment and that we could definitely get results.

Getting treatment

After sitting down with Aida and doing a thorough examination of her teeth and smile, Dr Alastair Smith recommended aesthetic braces as the best course of treatment. Aesthetic braces use the traditional method of brackets and archwires but are very discreet.   

What happened next?

"The fixed brace we chose for Aida was on for just a year with very pleasing results," explains Alastair. "I am always delighted when a patient's braces are removed and people can see their new smile. This was especially pleasing in Aida's case as she was so very happy."

The end result

Aida was very thankful she had been referred to Pallant Orthodontics and even more thankful with the result she achieved. "My dentist referred me to Pallant Orthodontics and I am so glad that she did. The people are wonderful; so professional and very caring. I am from Romania and was looked after extremely well at Pallant. I am so grateful and happy with my smile I cannot say enough good things about the team. Thank you again."

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