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Growing in confidence

“Now I just go around grinning. It’s given part of me back.” 

“Everyone has something they don’t like about themselves and for me it was the big gaps in my smile,” says Andy. “Since I was a teenager I was self-conscious about my gappy teeth and would smile with a closed mouth. It was a confidence thing,” he says. 

Getting treatment

When Andy saw Dr Alastair Smith at Pallant Orthodontics, he was told that without orthodontic treatment he could expect to have dental problems in the future. “Alastair could see that my upper teeth were biting inside my lower teeth,” Andy says. 

What happened next?

Andy thought orthodontic treatment was going to be painful and he was worried about getting used to the braces. “Alastair and the team made it so easy and coming here was always fun,” he says. “It was amazing how quickly the time went and it wasn’t painful at all.” 

The end result

Andy’s poor bite had never bothered him in the past but it was a bonus of treatment to have a much more comfortable bite as well as a straight smile. 

“Now I just go around grinning,” says Andy. “It’s given part of me back.”

Orthodontic treatment before

Orthodontic treatment after


Aesthetic braces

“Now I just go around grinning.
It’s given part of me back.”

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