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An award winning smile

“The results exceeded anything I could have hoped for.” 

For as long as she could remember, Christine hated her teeth. “I painstakingly hid them behind my lips while silent and my hand while speaking. I didn’t even smile in my graduation photograph,” she says. 

Getting treatment

Christine spent years visiting orthodontists, only to be told that she needed to wait for her eye tooth to come down. By the time the tooth appeared at the age of 19, she had started university. “I became a teacher and once I started working in schools, I was given the nickname of ‘Nanny McPhee’,” she says. 

What happened next?

A new dentist referred Christine to Alastair Smith at Pallant Orthodontics. “Alastair told me that my eye tooth coming down in the wrong place had damaged the tooth next to it,” Christine says. “The rest of my upper teeth were crowded and irregular so Alastair arranged for me to see a restorative dentist who recommended the damaged tooth at risk should be extracted and replaced by an implant.”

The end result

Seventeen months after the braces were fitted, it was finally time for them to come off and the results exceeded anything Christine could have hoped for. “I just could not stop staring at my teeth,” she says. 

“Alastair has given me the confidence to achieve personal and professional goals that I previously considered to be out of my reach. Most importantly, he has lifted the suffocating burden of being ashamed to smile. 

“These days, you can’t wipe the smile off my face!”

Orthodontic treatment before

Orthodontic treatment after


Aesthetic braces

“The results exceeded anything
I could have hoped for.”

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