Your first visit at Pallant Orthodontics

Your free consultation is as easy as 1 & 2

While your initial consultation is free, we take our time getting to know all our new patients. That’s why we’ll complete 2 initial visits before beginning treatments.

Your initial consultation with us is always complimentary.

Step 1 - Your free consultation

You can now meet us on video without leaving the comfort of your own home or if you'd rather come and speak to us in person then book a visit here.

Once you have booked your consultation one of our team will get in touch and talk you through what to expect.

If you would like to proceed with treatment, it's time to come in to visit us at the practice.

Your first visit

Step 2 – Full case assessment

If you are excited to get started then the next step is to see the specialist for a full clinical case review. You will be discussing your treatment plan and clarifying all of the detail. If you feel your ready we can start the process on the day. Your orthodontist will need a x-rays, photots and a digital scan to help design your new smile.

When you decide to go ahead you will be sent a digital treatment plan and for you to refer back to at any time.

Invisalign consultation

Invisalign consultation

If you’ve been referred to us for Invisalign® treatment, we’ll sit with you to understand your orthodontic concerns before taking you through all of the key benefits and features of Invisalign®. This will include a typical treatment programme, advice on costs and information about your payment plan options. And if for any reason Invisalign® isn’t suitable, we’ll discuss all the potential orthodontic treatment options that would be more suitable.

This initial Invisalign® consultation is free of charge.

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