Carriere braces at Pallant Orthodontics

Incognito lingual braces

The Carriere Appliance is a small correction appliance which is fitted to the side of your top teeth. Extremely discreet and comfortable to wear, it works with small elastic bands to apply pressure to your teeth to guide them into position, whilst wearing either a retainer or Invisalign aligners on the bottom teeth. This appliance helps with the preliminary movement of your teeth, setting them up to receive more complex orthodontic treatment with appliances such as Invisalign aligners or fixed braces.

The Carriere Appliance is a great first appliance for many of our younger patients as well as our adult patients. Small and comfortable in the mouth, this means you get used to wearing the appliance and scanning with your Dental Monitoring scan box.

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Carriere braces

Benefits of the Carriere Appliance

  • Easy appliance to wear with no cheek or lip irritation
  • Small and discreet in the mouth so no-one will notice you’re wearing it
  • Doesn’t affect your speech
  • It’s still easy to brush and clean your teeth, keeping up your oral hygiene routine