Perfect smiles for busy people

Dental monitoring

Ground breaking technology at Pallant Orthodontics gives you the perfect smile, no matter how busy you are.

Dental monitoring for smarter, straighter smiles

Work, family, school, sport – life is busy, so the last thing you have time for is visits to the orthodontist. Or do you?

Because at Pallant Orthodontics, our team works with the latest, ground-breaking technology that means you can straighten your teeth without needing to visit the practice during treatment.

The technology is called dental monitoring and it works as a simple app on your smartphone. All you have to do is take weekly photos of your teeth and send it to us via the app. We’ll review your photos to make sure your teeth are tracking as they should be according to your treatment plan.

How does dental monitoring work?

First things first, we need to plan your treatment but that’s easy to do as well. Book your free consultation and after assessing your orthodontic needs we’ll create a tailored Invisalign treatment plan just for you.

Once we have fitted you with your custom-made Invisalign aligners, we’ll set you up with the dental monitoring app. Throughout your treatment, send us a weekly detailed 3D picture of your teeth directly to us via the dental monitoring app and our specialist orthodontist will review it.

It’s just like having a weekly virtual check-up without having to visit the practice. That’s one less thing you’ll need to fit into your busy schedule.

Transforming your smile

Just because you’re busy doesn’t mean you can’t achieve your perfect smile. At Pallant Orthodontics, we work to ensure orthodontic treatment can fit in with your lifestyle. With our range of treatments, convenient appointment times and flexible payment plans, orthodontic treatment has never been easier.

Until now. Dental monitoring has made treatment for busy people even more accessible. Whether you travel for work, or your days are taken up running the kids around, you can now do so while knowing your teeth are gradually straightening into the perfect smile you deserve.

  • Dental monitoring
  • Dental monitoring
  • Dental monitoring

Straighten your teeth the smart way

Make time in your busy schedule to book your free consultation with the Pallant Orthodontics team. It’ll be the first and last one you need to make on your journey to the perfect smile.

Ground breaking technology at Pallant Orthodontics gives you the perfect smile, no matter how busy you are.

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