See the results before you start treatment!

Here at Pallant Orthodontics, we love looking at teeth. So much so, we've got a digital scanner that allows us to get a precise image of how your teeth are positioned and what orthodontic treatment you could benefit from.

What is the iTero scanner?

The iTero IntraOral Digital scanner has transformed the orthodontic industry and made it much easier for us to identify your orthodontic needs and plan your treatment. But even more than that, it enables us to simulate outcomes so you can see what your teeth could look like.

Wondering how? Watch the video below.

By using the scanner to carefully analyse your teeth and jaws, we can view these virtual models we have taken using 3D software. This software demonstrates how your teeth could move into position over the course of treatment, and shows us the potential end result.

This means you can see what your newly straightened teeth could look like even before you start treatment.


Benefits of the iTero scanner

Developments in orthodontic technology have revolutionised the profession and the iTero digital scanner is just one example of this. It has also provided many benefits for both our team and you, the patient.

No more impressions: The scanner is easy for our team to use, which makes it comfortable for you. We need models of your teeth to help us plan your treatment, but taking them with the digital scanner means you don't have to worry about any messy material in your mouth or gagging.

Accurate results: The scans we can take using the iTero scanner are very precise and help make the planning of your treatment more accurate, no matter what type of orthodontic appliance you're wearing. The Invisalign aligners are also a more accurate fit as well.

Informed decision: As a patient, you can see what your teeth should look like after treatment, so you can make an informed decision whether or not you want to go ahead with treatment and whether it's worth the investment. We believe you'll think it is!

If you want to find out more about the iTero Intraoral Digital Scanner, book a free consultation with our Treatment Coordinator. We can show you how it works and how it is integrated in your journey with us.  

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