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Why choose Pallant Orthodontics?

Specialist Orthodontic Practice

Specialist Orthodontic providers in West Sussex. We are here to help create you a beautiful new smile in a timely, comfortable and convenient way. Alastair and the team have been proud to treat thousands of Sussex locals and alongside the use of digital technology can provide happy new smiles wherever you live. Excellent local dentists refer to us on a regular basis as the leading specialist for complex orthodontic cases where Alastair and the team are seen as the ones who will know! Indeed Alastair is an expert Invisalign lecturer and has presented across Europe and written about modern digital dentistry in several professional publications. We are part of an international group of orthodontic experts known as ‘The Invisible Orthodontist’ where the most advanced specialists in the world can collaborate freely. The practice also holds the British Dental Association highly regarded ‘Good Practice’ award and if that’s not enough Alastair is also an active member of the British Orthodontic Society. All of this effectively means Pallant Orthodontics is not only local specialist orthodontic experts but considered one the best providers in the world.

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The patient is at the heart of everything we do

Young or old orthodontics can be a big decision. Our aim is to find out all about you. Talking to us helps, really understand not just how you feel about your current smile but what you really want from treatment and how you would prefer to get there. With your input we can guarantee that you will be delighted with the changes to your smile and better still offer long term retention programs to keep your smile as you want it. There are no ‘hard sell’ and no discount options. We simply provide specialist, expert advice for you to be able to make informed decisions on this important medical procedure. Cost of treatment is often an early consideration in decision making, whilst we have very flexible payment options available people still like to ‘shop around’. We actively encourage you to do so and offer an advice booklet to ensure you compare specialist practice service to other providers accurately. Beware of enticing ‘offers’ and cheaper options and remember your teeth should be with you for a very long time, making choices on price alone may not be the best long term medical solution. For us it’s about our service and your new smile, nothing genuinely makes us happier when we see your finished result and consider how that might change your life forever.

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Diamond Invisalign Provider & Dental Monitoring

Aligner therapy using products such as Invisalign is hugely popular down to the comfort, near invisibility and convenience of the appliance. Alastair has been using Invisalign for many years and has a great deal of experience with its possibilities and limitations. It’s good to remember that the specialist designs your treatment plan and instructs Invisalign how to make your aligners, considering things like speed of relative tooth movement, bite relationships and other complex issues in your personal requirements. Invisalign is an effective tool in the box but it’s the specialist that will decide the right tool for the job. Alongside all types of appliances, we are using orthodontic monitoring software called ‘Dental Monitoring’. This revolutionary treatment aid is able to show us every week how much your teeth are moving and whether you are on track for your planned smile. There are many mutual advantages including reduced clinic visits, faster treatment times and instant problem reporting. This should never be confused with a lack of service or the need to see the Orthodontist; it only enhances the journey and allows us to do so much more for you at your convenience. Our best example of this is that all DM patients had no interruption to their treatment throughout the torrid 2020 lockdowns, where we carried on communicating and reviewing as normal.

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We are one of the UK’s Top 5

Invisalign® Providers

  • We are Diamond Invisalign® providers, offering you a nearly invisible orthodontic solution
  • More than 6 million smiles have been created with Invisalign® aligners
  • We offer multiple Invisalign® solutions for children, teen and adult patients

Frequently asked questions

Invisalign® uses clear plastic trays, or aligners, instead of metal brackets. These aligners will gently push against your teeth to encourage movement over time. To ensure your teeth keep moving to the ideal position, your Specialist Orthodontist will have you swap out aligners at regular intervals during your Invisalign® treatment programme.

Your first visit will be pain-free and come with no obligations! We’ll assess your teeth and the alignment of your jaw/bite and our Treatment Coordinator will provide possible recommendations for treatment programmes, including what the pricing and duration of each one would be.

No you can have braces throughout your life we are currently treating people from 13 to 70! There are many ways in which we can help, so concerns about appearance, costs comfort and speed of treatment will all be discussed throughout your journey. Dental health is important so we would always recommend regular dental visits before and alongside your treatment.

If you have traditional metal brackets, your Specialist Orthodontist will recommend that you avoid very hard or crunchy foods, chewing gum, and other things that may damage the brackets. We’ll always provide you with the full list to ensure that you know how to take care of your teeth!

We understand

Cost of treatment is important and we will help to find a solution for your budget

That’s why we have flexible 2-5 year finance plans on offer through Tabeo Finance. Learn how you can achieve your dream smile in as little as £90 per month.

Costs and finance options


"I had Invisalign for two years and having seen the final product, I can't believe what amazing work has been done! Pallant Orthodontics has an absolutely amazing team - very supportive and accommodating!"


"I've been having Invisalign treatment for 18 months and nobody has realised other than me!"


"My dentist referred me to Alastair at Pallant Orthodontics. It was a very professional place, the people were lovely and absolutely down to earth. They made you feel so relaxed."


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