Join our Retainer Club

After you complete a year of supervised retention at Pallant Orthodontics, you have the opportunity to join our Retainer Club. The Retainer Club is a cost-effective care programme to help monitor your smile and maintain your retainers for a lifetime.

Join our Retainer Club

What Are The Benefits Of Joining The Club?

Your first set of fixed and removable retainers are included in your treatment cost. Thereafter, for patients who are not part of the Retainer Club, replacement or repairs to your retainers will incur a cost from £180 - £795.

This checklist highlights the key differences between our Retainer Club & Retainer Club Plus.


In-practice annual review of your smile and the effectiveness of your retainers

Clinical check of your retainers

Oral health advice

Replacement removable retainers due to general wear and tear

Replacement of lost or damaged removable retainers

1 set of free removable retainers at your annual retainer check appointment (worth £300)

Free repairs to damaged bonded retainers

Free replacements to damaged bonded retainers (worth minimum of £365)

Annual hygiene appointment (worth £95)

20% off 1 course of professional teeth whitening (subject to conditions) saving of £60

20% off shop items including hygiene products, toothbrushes & professional mouth guards

20% off additional hygiene appointments (saving of £19)

FAQs about retainers

Will my teeth continue to move after orthodontic treatment?

How often do I have to wear my retainers?

What happens if I don’t wear my retainers?

Do fixed retainers mean I don’t need my removable retainers?

How long will my retainers last?

Is it important to have my retainers checked?

Want to learn more about the Retainer Club?

Want to learn more about the Retainer Club?

Contact our friendly team today. We are happy to answer any questions you might have about our Retainer Club.

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