Invisalign® for teens

Treatment that suits your teen's busy schedule!

Want an orthodontic treatment for your teen that’s as convenient as it is discreet? Look no further than Invisalign® treatment. Invisalign® for teens allows your child to achieve a straighter, healthier smile without interrupting their routine.

Invisalign® for teens
What is Invisalign® for teens?

What is Invisalign® for teens?

Invisalign® treatment can shape your teen’s smile with a series of custom clear plastic trays called aligners. Our teen treatment works the same way as Invisalign® for adults, but we also include blue wear indicators to remind your teen to wear their aligners for 22 hours a day.

Invisalign® aligners are removable, so they won’t get in the way of meals, oral hygiene, sports or musical instrument practice. They are also incredibly discreet, so your teen can smile all the way through their treatment programme.

Is Invisalign® treatment right for your teen?

Is Invisalign® treatment right for your teen?

Answer the questions below to see if your teen could benefit from Invisalign® treatment:

Invisalign® for teens in West Sussex

Virtually invisible, removable and comfortable aligners.

Invisalign® teens

Answer a few questions to see if Invisalign® for Teens is right for you or your child:

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We are one of the UK’s top 5 Invisalign® providers!

We are one of the UK’s top 5 Invisalign® providers!

At Pallant Orthodontics, we are Diamond Invisalign® providers. This means that we successfully treat over 150 patients in West Sussex every year with Invisalign® clear aligners. Our expert team can support you to achieve the best results, even in complex teen cases.

Hear what our teenage patients have to say:

My dentist referred me to Alastair at Pallant Orthodontics. It was a very professional place, the people were lovely and absolutely down to earth. They made you feel so relaxed.


I've been having Invisalign treatment for 18 months and nobody has realised other than me!


I had Invisalign for two years and having seen the final product, I can't believe what amazing work has been done! Pallant Orthodontics has an absolutely amazing team - very supportive and accommodating!


"People seem to think that orthodontics is only for the younger people, but it is for any age. Eating is going to be the big difference, it's going to make life so much easier."


"The feeling you get when you look in the mirror in the morning and see that your teeth are transforming... I get comments from friends, family, clients and it's a massive confidence boost for me."


"The people are wonderful so professional and very caring."


"It gave me real confidence to smile properly."


"My teeth look great and I now feel absolutely fantastic."


"It’s been one of the best things that I have ever done."


"I would happily give Pallant Orthodontics 10 out of 10."


Now I just go around grinning. It’s given part of me back.


"The results exceeded anything I could have hoped for."


"Alastair is an absolute perfectionist and that shines through in my new 'fang-free' smile"


Treatment On Your Teen's Terms!

Treatment On Your Teen's Terms!

The Dental Monitoring app allows your teen to complete their Invisalign® treatment from home, school or vacation. All they need to do is send us weekly smile selfies through the app, and we can track their progress without seeing them in person.

Benefits of Invisalign® treatment for teens

Benefits of Invisalign® treatment for teens

Here are a few of the reasons why teens love Invisalign® treatment:

  • Clear: Invisalign® clear aligners are virtually invisible, which allows teens to wear them with confidence.
  • Comfortable: The smooth plastic trays don’t have any pokey metal bits, and the custom fit makes for a comfortable experience.
  • Removable: Teens can take out their aligners to eat meals, play sports and clean their teeth.
  • Accurate: Our cutting-edge digital scanner allows us to plan a treatment from start to finish that is tailored to your teen’s exact smile goals.
  • Convenient: Teens don’t need to skip class during treatment. They can check in with us remotely through the Dental Monitoring app.
Put a smile on your teen’s face

Put a smile on your teen’s face

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